Producer, Writer, Shooter

A trilingual writer and filmmaker with roots in Sicily, Mexico, England, India, Canada and Washington DC. 

I was born to an Italian mother and an Indian father in Mexico City. I moved to Washington DC when I was ten and finished high school, went to University in Toronto and then lived in London, Paris, Palermo, and Prague before returning to DC.  I have been doing development work for the last two years for Earth Touch, where I developed dozens of series and one offs. While there I wrote, shot, edited and tracked a myriad of wide ranging concepts as well as kept relationships with producers and development teams across several channels including Discovery, AP, AHC, Destination America, Nat Geo, Geo WILD, CNN and Smithsonian. I also produced shorts for Nat Geo Digital and PBS Digital during this time. I have directed and produced short films, marketing campaigns for my local initiative Capital Hustle, and Virtual Reality short films- the latest of which was shot in Kurdistan on the eve of the offensive in Mosul. 

Sincerely Yours,

Emiliano Ruprah